The Oil Sands have many bad effects on the environment, but majority of the environment they chose to do it on is where the aboriginal people are.

Deciding Where to Put the Oil Sands

The Aboriginal people have been left out of the process of deciding where to put them. It says that one of the reasons why is because they are saying that with them in the deciding they would have a less of a chance putting them where they want and where there is lots of free space.
Even though we are only going in depth to the Alberta oil sands this is happening all over Canada to the Aboriginal people everywhere.
They also are not being treated fairly because they were not payed fairly for the land that was being ruined by the oil.

Polluting The Environment

It is not only effecting the Aboriginals by having a shortage of land, its effecting them in other ways. The oil in the atmosphere is killing the air and making it very unhealthy to breath in. The air is very bad for them to inhale and with the wind going the right way it will blow all the polluted air in. Also the polluted waste would go into the water and kill the fish which makes the water very unhealthy for them to drink. Also they cannot eat the meat because it is infected.


There were studies shown that in Fort Chipewyan Aporiginal people have reported lare increases when cancer tests are taken. Making the cancer rate for aboriginal people a lot higher. Since the production of the tar sands upstream from their home has been increasing and flowing down into the city resulting in the cancer rate going up.

Aboriginal People in the region

In Alberta there are 17 first nations groups with a combined population of 16, 00 people living on the Aboriginal reserves where oil sands happen either on or close to them. There are 6 M├ętis settlements with approximately 6, 000 residents live in the area where oil sands are also found. Then to top it off there are thousands of more Aboriginal people that live off reserve but still in the oil sands region.


Now, they are actually more looking into fixing the health issues. They still want to take part in process of making the oil sands, but they are going to watch out for cancer issues. They have now started taking monthly tests and making sure that the health issues can be reduced.

Here is a movie about the health issues: