The Ecosystem Impacts

  • Disrupt the landscape by removing vegetation and other land cover (overburden), affecting drainage over a wide area

  • This can destroy wetlands and eliminate peatlands, which take centuries to develop.
  • Impacts have long-term effects on local ecosystems, and there is little possibility that the ecosystem functions of disrupted areas will be restored.
  • Sometimes, mining operations require the complete removal of wetlands, which recharge groundwater when functioning as part of a healthy ecosystem
  • The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) is a non-profi t organization composed of government, industry, academia and environmental groups.
  • The Alberta government's role is to monitor and verify that industry undertakes their plans effectively

Goals of the ABMI

  • Maintaining the integrity of large river corridors to enable wildlife movement.
  • Progressively reclaiming land in key wildlife areas.
  • Increasing access for wildlife movement.
  • Deterring wildlife from entering industrial areas using sound, effigies and other deterrence tools.
  • Reducing industrial footprints by encouraging different operators to share site