Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Tar Sands:

Greenhouse gas emissions from tar sands production are 3 times the amount created by conventional oil and gas production. Tar sand production is predicted to become four to five times larger in 2015 so greenhouse gas emissions will increase greatly.


Mining and extraction of tar sands creates 002-.003 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per barrel of bitumen, a sticky, tar-like form of petroleum, and between 0.0294 to 0.0344 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per barrel of syncrude, a type of crude oil. Carbon dioxide emissions from 1990 to 2008 went up 121% and experts predict that emissions will triple between 2008 and 2020.


Oil from tar sands produce 5 times more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional oil. In 2011, over 80 million tonnes of greenhouse gases from tar sands are expected to be released. Most information about greenhouse gas emissions released from government has been taken from outdated studies or under reported.