Wildlife Effects at the Oil Sands According to the province of Alberta and the Alberta Oil Sands project, the effect on wildlife at the site of the oil sands is minuscule. They say that they are constantly surveying the areas surrounding and inside the Alberta Oil Sands to ensure that any wildlife, no matter if they are small fish or large bears are safe and continuing to live a healthy life. The government has put a program in place, with the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute to collect data and continue to survey the areas for human disruption to wildlife around the Oil Sands.They also mention that the Oil Sands is an area protected by bylaws and regulations. Another tactic they are using is mitigation, to minimize the impacts on the wildlife and biodiversity in this area. According to the government the Oil Sands restricts the activity around the project during calving and nesting of animals. They state that the project is careful of large river corridors to allow wildlife to move as it normally would, and that they deter wildlife from entering industrial areas where wildlife would be in danger. The government has nothing negative to say about their actions towards the wildlife in the Alberta Oil Sands.

But everything isn't so clean and beautiful in the area of the Oil Sands...
Taken at the Alberta Oil Sands

There are many dangers and problems facing the wildlife in the Alberta Oil Sands. Here is just one video that clearly demonstrates some of the affects of Oil Sands to the wildlife in Alberta.

Deposits of toxic water from the oilsands process called “tailings ponds” are one of the most disturbing results of this mining process, killing any birds and wildlife that are unfortunate enough drink or land in a tailing pond.

Woodland caribou herds are slowly being wiped out and songbird populations are declining in Alberta and the Northwest Territories if governments fail to protect significant areas of northern forests from pipeline and oilsands development.
According to EXPOSE.com, "The Alberta tar sands have been deemed "The most destructive project on Earth" and as if we needed another negative consequence of oil extraction in this area of the world and its effects on the environment, a new study now shows that birds are dying in Alberta Oil Sands tailing ponds at least 30 times faster than what the industry says."