Political Implications:


- Crude oil has a huge impact on the world civilization
- Become important in defining politics
- Oil is a concern of the governments, and crucial for political and diplomatic strategies
- August 3rd,
- Since the 1970s, oil has accounted for 80% of the Nigerian government’s revenue and 95% of the country’s export earnings

Chief M.O.Feyide stated
“All overthe world, the lives of people are affected and the destiny of nations are determined by the result of oil explorations. Oil keeps the factors of the industrialized countries working and provides the revenues, which enable oil exporters to execute ambitious national and economic plans. The march of progress would be retarded and life itself would be unbearable if the world is deprived of oil. That is why oil has become the concern of governments, a vital ingredient of their politics and a crucial factor in the political and diplomatic strategies”

Ethical Oil

- Ezra Levant puts it simply “You can’t fill up your car’s gas tank with solar panels or windmills or cold fusion or dilithium crystals. It’s Canadian ethical oil, or Saudia terrorist’s oil.”

- Oil sands are frequently criticized because we are an open country (you would get murdered for making fun of the oil sands if you were in Saudi Arabia)
- Obvious If we shut down the oil sands today what are we going to fill our cars up with tomorrow?
- If not from us then from whom?
- Nigeria half the population is living on less than a dollar a day

- There are more Ontarians working in Ontario for the Alberta oil sands then work for the three big automakers if we closed the oil sands today Ontario’s unemployment rate jump by almost half a point

- Regardless of the oil plant you work at you are getting some of the best wages in the country

- The graph below stresses the United States reliance on the Canadian Oil Sands


Video with Ezra Levant sharing his thoughts on Ethical Oil: