(Bucyrus) Mining shovels:
-Cost around $20 million
-Seven stories high
-One shovel bucket weighs 85
-Used for the removal of overburden and ore during the mining process

797B Caterpillar heavy Hauler Mining Trucks:
-Worlds largest truck
-These machines can carry up to 400 tonnes of sand
- 400 tones of sand can produce 200 barrels of oil
-More than 100 have been sold to Alberta oilsands projects
-Cost around $5.5 million
-Twentry-five feet tall and thirty-two feet wide and forty-seven and a half feet long
-It is so large that the truck must be shipped in separate parts to buyer and assembled on site
-Can hit up to 42 miler per hour
-Engine has 3550 horsepower

797B Caterpillar heavy Hauler Mining Trucks-Tires:
-Each tire is 15 ft high
-Tires cost $50,000-$60,000
-Tires weigh as much as five cars
-Tires last around 5,000-7,000 hours